Selling used tyres

Since 1993, TFM Pneus has offered service and logistics solutions for processing and salvaging used tyres — for testing, sorting and recovering them — giving you access to top-quality second-hand tyres at the best price.

Several thousand tons of tyres are processed in this way at the various TFM Pneus premises. They are then sold on in batches to local or national businesses, as well as being resold and shipped in full container loads around the world.

In the first stage of the recovery process, our boom trucks collect thousands of tyres that they then take to the various testing centres.

Collection of used tyres

Sorting & Checking
In the second stage, the tyres are checked and sorted, and a portion of them are tested. Finally, those that cannot be reused are taken away for recycling.

Checking and sorting the tyres

In the third stage, we offer for sale full batches of tyres of varying quality.
Then they are delivered to professional clients in full container loads.

Selling used tyres, delivery in containers