Recovery of used tyres: sorting and checking

All used tyres collected in France are sent to one of our two sorting and recovery centres.

TFM Pneus Central France, based in Trévoux

This is our primary collection site as well as our largest sorting and business centre and our purchase and sales platform for our professional clients. We have an area of about 20,000 m² on which to store and handle our used tyres.

TFM Pneus Southern France is based in Valbonne

As well as collecting, Valbonne is a sorting and business centre. We have an area of 2,000m². Soon, TFM Pneus will open a new branch in Brignoles and will then have a new storage area of 10,000 m².

Recovery of used tyres, sorting and checking

TFM Pneus Quality Charter

Over the years, TFM Pneus has developed a quality charter that guarantees you a professional used tyre checking service, high quality in your second-hand tyres and careful handling of your orders and deliveries.

Similarly, for the collection of used tyres, TFM Pneus has obtained certifications from recognized bodies such as AliapurSGS and Valorpneu.

Aliapur certification, used tyres
SGS certification, used tyres
Valorpneu certification, used tyres

We have about ten tyre testing machines. Used High Profile tyres are systematically tested, and we test tyres of intermediate grade upon request.

Everything is checked and tested: the wear of treads, the state of the sidewalls (any leaks are pinpointed), damage or deformations in the tyre, any punctures, etc.

Tyre grades

Used tyres are all sorted by dimensions and quality:
– High profile
– Intermediate
– Low profile
We also sort tyre carcasses, which we process for retreading.
Finally, tyres that are totally unserviceable are handed over for delivery to an approved processing and recycling site. All other tyres are then put on sale.

Storage of used tyres for recovery