Selling second-hand tyres

Selling second-hand tyres

TFM Pneus specializes in selling second-hand tyres

In fact, we can create batches of second-hand tyres to suit your requirements in terms of dimensions, classification, quantity, etc. So feel free to send us your orders directly by email, and we will prepare your tyres according to your needs and load them into the container that you have chartered (EXW).

Tyres in Europe and around the world

We can supply batches of second-hand tyres to you in any member state of the European Union. In addition, we have the necessary facilities to assemble full container loads for export (20- or 40-foot).
On request, and to reduce your transport costs, we also offer a tyre tripling option.

Destinations where our second-hand tyres are sent
  • France, Italy, Spain, Portugal
  • Eastern European countries (Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, etc.)
  • North and West Africa (Benin, Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast)
  • Madagascar
  • South America (Paraguay, Caribbean)
  • North America (Florida)

Selling second hand tyres around the world

We are available to receive you onsite so that you can see our warehouses and we can show you our products, etc.

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